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Van Service

Our van load service is tailored for shipments that need to be protected from the elements, providing a secure and efficient transportation method for your goods. We specialize in:

  • Refrigerated Loads: Our top-of-the-line refrigerated vans maintain a stable temperature to ensure the safe transport of perishable goods. With a sophisticated temperature control system, we guarantee that your products will remain fresh from origin to destination.
  • Heated Loads: Our heated van service is designed to keep temperature-sensitive goods, such as certain chemicals or electronics, safe during cold seasons.
  • Dry Van Loads: Meerab Freightlines Inc. provides unparalleled van services with an extensive fleet, including over 200+ dry vans, 50+ heated vans, and 30+ advanced reefers, catering to a broad spectrum of transportation needs.

Flatbed Services

Our flatbed service is perfect for large items that won’t fit in a standard van trailer or require loading from the top or sides. We specialize in:

  • Open Flatbeds: Ideal for heavy machinery, construction materials, and large equipment, our open flatbeds offer the flexibility needed for various types of oversized freight.
  • Curtain Flatbeds: Our curtain flatbed service combines the ease of a flatbed with the protection of a dry van. It is perfect for large, valuable goods that need protection from the elements and we have 30 plus flat bed.

Intermodal Services

Intermodal shipping provides a versatile and eco-friendly solution to long-haul freight. Leveraging the advantages of multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), we ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery. We specialize in:

  • Container Loads: From 20-foot to 53-foot containers, we transport a wide variety of goods, ensuring they are well-protected during their journey.
  • High Cube Loads: For goods that need more space, our high cube containers offer extra height, making them ideal for lightweight, bulky cargo.
  • Rail Cart Loads: Capitalizing on the efficiency and environmental friendliness of rail transport, our rail cart service is perfect for long-haul freight across the continent.

Logistics Services

Our comprehensive logistics services ensure your supply chain runs smoothly. We help you optimize your operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. We specialize in:

  • Logistics Planning: Our team of experts can help design and manage your logistics operations, ensuring efficient transportation of goods from origin to destination.
  • Cross Docking: Our cross-docking services reduce storage time and streamline the delivery process, getting your products to the market faster.
  • Cross-Border Services: Navigating cross-border regulations can be complex. Our team is skilled at managing all aspects of cross-border shipping, ensuring your goods reach their destination without delay. Meerab Freightlines Inc. offers superior logistics services, underpinned by a vast 28,000 sq. ft. distribution center, ensuring efficient storage and seamless distribution for diverse client requirements.

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